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anna urik

erika hendrixComment
anna urik

videographer: anna urik
photographer: stella morais
model: zhen
beauty: rocio tagliarini
stylist: viola menchini
assistant stylist: anaelle claudet

anna urik / videographer

your sign

prague, czech republic

color palette
all about the nude colours at the moment

midnight snack
chilli peanuts

introvert or extrovert
a bit of both

song/artist on repeat right now
kerala dust by the chain

morning ritual
i am trying to meditate for few minutes before my morning coffee (i started last week)

favorite place in the world
anywhere on a top of the mountain

last thing you've read
a world of three zeros

most memorable/influential moment growing up
when i was really really young, all the adults around me always looked really stressed and worried - and  so i decided i will not look like them when i grow up-(it's still work in progress)

favorite quote
‘’you begin saving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.”
-charles bukowski

anna urik on the kunst magazine

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