andrea cenetiempo

andrea cenetiempo

photographer: andrea cenetiempo
model: santa konstantinovna @brave models
stylist: marco costa
beauty: naike bilardostylist assistant: mario russo lillo

andrea cenetiempo / photographer

your sign

naples, italy

color palette
sunset tones and warn color in general

midnight snack
is it too much of a stereotype to say pizza?

introvert or extrovert
pretending to be an extrovert but never letting anyone really in

song/artist on repeat right now
les amis by francois de roubaix

morning ritual
having coffee in bed

favorite place in the world
my bed

last thing you've read
my horoscope

most memorable/influential moment growing up
learning how to ride a bike by myself when i was 5 years old

favorite quote
β€œone day, someone showed me a glass of water that was half full. and he said, "is it half full or half empty?" so i drank the water - no more problem.”

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