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allegra messina

erika hendrixComment
allegra messina

photographer: allegra messina
model: kyla coleman @photogenics
stylist: michelle chan

allegra messina / photographer

your sign

seattle, washington

color palette
royal blue and lemon

midnight snack
banana or lentils (weird, i know)

introvert or extrovert
secretly, introvert!

song/artist on repeat right now
anything by whitney houston

morning ritual
snooze alarm for dangerously long, check emails when especially inspired, and put on grandma-like clothing

favorite place in the world
alabama hills—misleadingly not in alabama, and mountains instead of hills

last thing you've read
black skin, white mask

most memorable/influential moment growing up
eating hot dogs with cheese down the middle—delicious

favorite quote
“may we dance in the face of our fears,”
-gloria anzaldúa

allegra messina on the kunst magazine

find allegra on instagram or visit her website!