erika hendrix

alisa calypso

erika hendrix
alisa calypso

photographer: alisa calypso
model: masha kharchenko
stylist: irina gancgorn

alisa calypso / photographer

your sign

perm, russia

color palette
black, white, red

midnight snack
cheese and wine

introvert or extrovert
oh, i prefer to be solitary and to have a much better sense of myself in order to make a right kind of connection with people. i’m mostly an introvert who loves a human-being and being a human .

song/artist on repeat right now
the night / morphine

morning ritual
glass of water, a kiss and surya namaskar whenever possible

favorite place in the world
next to my man

last thing you've read
erich fromm ‘the art of loving’ and julian barnes ‘nothing to be frightened of’ at the same time 

most memorable/influential moment growing up
a lot! but ok:) maybe this one - my dad and me had our private «radio station» where we would speak into the microphone and record jokes, improvised fairy tales and a lot of laughter.

favorite quote
church to god
god to the universe
the universe to art
art to drugs
drugs to sex
sex to the devil 

alisa calypso on the kunst magazine

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