erika hendrix

alina friesen

erika hendrix
alina friesen

photographer: kale friesen
model: robin van halteren @wilhelmina
stylist: logan combs
hair: alina friesen
makeup: agus arcidiacono

alina friesen / hair stylist

your sign

vancouver, canada

color palette
soft pinks and blues

midnight snack
vegan yogurt and berries

introvert or extrovert
a little bit of both

song/artist on repeat right now
today by jefferson airplane

morning ritual
coffee before anything

favorite place in the world
south of france

last thing you've read
a book we bought for our son- " lonely planet first words japanese"

most memorable/influential moment growing up
when i was 15 years old and i watched "barbarella" for the first time. after that i was obsessed with films from the 60s. i think that was a big reason i wanted to work in the fashion industry.

favorite quote
"knowing your power is what creates humility. not knowing your power is what creates insecurity-ego"
-nayyirah waheed

alina friesen on the kunst magazine

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