erika hendrix

alicja wroblewska

erika hendrix
alicja wroblewska

photographer: alicja wroblewska
models: natali niyazova + anastasiia savchenko @heroin management
makeup: monika gierałt
designer: katarzyna dworecka

alicja wroblewska / photographer

your sign

kędzierzyn-koźle, poland

color palette
every color

midnight snack
white wine

introvert or extrovert
in between

song/artist on repeat right now
depeche mode

morning ritual
breakfast and coffee

favorite place in the world
anywhere where my love is

last thing you've read
post truth by matthew d’ancona

most memorable/influential moment growing up
i am still growing up

favorite quote
"peace and love”

alicja wroblewska on the kunst magazine

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