erika hendrix

ali foroughi

erika hendrix
ali foroughi

photographer: ali foroughi
model: alexandra sirakova, siyana shishkova + beloslava hinova @ivet fashion
stylist: tsvetomir goranov
makeup: gergana ivanova
set designer: andrea stefanova
post production: kai gut + tobias vogel

ali foroughi / photographer

your sign

london, united kingdom

color palette
black + white

midnight snack
hummus and warm bread

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
lollipop by lil wayne (don;t ask why)

morning ritual
basically don’t talk to me before i’ve had my coffee

favorite place in the world
there are too many but i’d say sofia, bulgaria

last thing you've read
if you mean book - the hard thing about hard things by ben horowitz (for the 3rd time…i think)

most memorable/influential moment growing up
probably, when i moved back to england

favorite quote
again, too many to chose from but one of them is:
“it never gets easier, you just get better"

ali foroughi on the kunst magazine

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