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rosa acevedo

erika hendrixComment
rosa acevedo

photographer: lester villarroel
stylist: rosa acevedo
model: mica murua @elite chile
beauty: francisca fernandez

rosa acevedo / stylist

your sign

santiago, chile

color palette
from red to pink

midnight snack

introvert or extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
like sugar by chaka khan (love the styles, the good vibes, and the video) 

morning ritual
hugging and kissing my 5 year old daughter

favorite place in the world
the beach

last thing you've read
the coral sea by patti smith

most memorable/influential moment growing up
seeing my dad keep going despite the difficulties of life influenced me to always stay ahead for those that you love 

favorite quote
"get comfortable with being alone, it will empower you"
-jonathan tropper

rosa acevedo on the kunst magazine

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