erika hendrix

aisha jimoh

erika hendrix
aisha jimoh

photographer: theo williams
models: hannah wick + bibi abdulkadir @storm models, gabriela lourenço @backstage models amazonia
stylist: aisha jimoh
hair: john katsikiotis
makeup: abbie nourse

aisha jimoh / stylist

your sign

brixton in london, england

color palette
pink, white, black

midnight snack
ice cream

introvert or extrovert
introverted extrovert

song/artist on repeat right now
ariana grande

morning ritual
check my phone (really bad habit!) then meditate

favorite place in the world
changes all the time but at the moment definitely my bed

last thing you've read
my twitter feed

most memorable/influential moment growing up
dropping out of an economics degree 

favorite quote
"there’s no such thing as competition if it's already yours.”

aisha jimoh on the kunst magazine

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